Proposal for Generaltional Trauma Treatment Group

Multigenerational Trauma/Recovery Groups for Men

by Lance Echo-Hawk, MA
EchoHawk Counseling (

A Dual Diagnosis Generational Trauma Group Program for Men

Creating an understanding of trauma, grief, and loss related to multigenerational substance abuse from an “rpg” perspective (regarding the rpg format see “Program Structure” below). Example topics include education, skill building, processing, and closure/graduation.

          Psych-education regarding trauma's neurological effects
          Developmental models of grieving
          Recognition of trauma-based responses that limit recovery
          Understanding the nature of stuck points in recovery

Skill building:
          Assertive communication skills
          Active listening
          Affect regulation/tolerance/de-escalation tools
          Insight into relapse (relapse prevention skills)

          Structured for emotional safety and support
          Experiential, designed for experiencing healing within the group community
          Shared grief work, support for healing personal grief
          Forgiveness as a part of healing

          Successful treatment termination

Multigenerational Substance Abuse Focus

When people have been subjected to traumatizing conditions for a lifetime it makes seeing trauma for what it is difficult without outside help. Abusive multigenerational conditions can normalize unhealthy behaviors. This program explores trauma-skewed baselines and attempts to reframe the issues more appropriately, with a view to recovery and healing.

Program Structure: Reconciliation Process Groups (rpg)

Rpg ( is a process-group model that was designed to treat historical trauma. The rpg model has been adapted in this proposal to provide structure for recovery in a dual diagnosis treatment setting. Rpg makes the claim that the human healing process is a natural process that has recognizable key elements along the pathway to healing. This group treatment proposal will teach these elements of healing over an 8-to-12 week period (click link for sample outline) to lay a foundation for further healing and recovery.

Healing Multigenerational Substance-Abuse-Related Trauma

This group is designed to help those people who are dually diagnosed, who have a family history of substance abuse that goes beyond their own generation, and who struggle to get passed early recovery into a stable and lasting recovery. The idea of this treatment group is that the recovery tasks of middle and late stage recovery (where emotional and mental health issues present themselves) are being sabotaged by problems with roots that have a history older than the single lifetime of the suffering patient. This group is designed to get at those roots, to clarify the stuck-points unique to each group member, and to learn recovery skills that deepen and stabilize the healing journey for the whole person.

Learning new skills in recovery often means dealing with the emotional pain that has been onboard and is hindering recovery. Engaging with these painful emotions is the central task of middle and late stage recovery. Doing this kind of work in a group setting will likely increase the importance of being in individual counseling with a therapist who understands both mental health counseling and substance abuse counseling. A working process group helps access difficult personal issues that need to be treated, making individual counseling outside of the group a key for the overall success of this program.

Fees For Service

EchoHawk Counseling (EHC) contractor fees for group services are $15 per hour per person. The groups in this proposal are 2 hours, or $30 per each member for each group session attended. It is suggested that this program includes 2 group meetings per week for at least 8 weeks. Two hours per group session is recommended.

Group participants present/group      Fee per person per (2) hours      Total/ea.(2hr)group
     3 (minimum group size)                  $15/hr x 2 hrs = $30/person         $90 (minimum)
     4 members                                         $30/ea. additional person             $120
     5 members                                         $30/ea. additional person             $150
     6 members                                         $30/ea. additional person             $180
     7 members                                         $30/ea. additional person             $210
     8 members                                         $30/ea. additional person             $240
     (and so on)

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